Past Life Regression Software 3.0 for Android

Thank you for your interest in Astralware's Past Life Regression Software for Android.  This software contains an hour long guided meditation designed to help retrieve hidden past life memories.  Past Life Regression is a labor of love and is the product of many years of work.

At its core, Past Life Regression 3.0 is an hour-long guided meditation audio program to help the user retrieve past life memories.  The process is safe and very enjoyable.

System Considerations
Past Life Regression Software is a rather large program (just over 40 megabytes) and will therefore likely take several minutes to download and install.  Be patient and the software will be delivered to your smartphone or tablet after purchase.  This application is designed to be automatically installed on your external SD card (if you have one) which will make storage of such a large program much easier on your system resources.


To date, there have been no significant, repeatable issues regarding the installation of Past Life Regression 3.0.  If you do experience difficulties, simply use the contact the author at the address in your purchase receipt.

Check this page often as more information is coming soon!